Charms, Amulets and Talismans

Amulets "An object that has apparently magical or miraculous effects and that can avert misfortune and bring good fortune when acquired". Amulets are small objects, worn to benefit their owners in some way. Some are used to prevent colds, bring money, or good luck. Amulets can be worn anywhere pins, cuff links, etc. For secrecy, they can even be pinned to an undergarment. Wherever an amulet is worn, the closer it is to the body, the more powerful its magic. 

Talismans "A lucky charm that has magical inscriptions and which has been consecrated through incantation". Talismans are also used to benefit their owners in general or specific ways. Usually they are more complicated affairs than amulets carved or engraved figures. Generally, talismans are not worn. Most often they're carried in a pocket or purse; sometimes they're kept near the object they're intended to benefit, for instance, tacked over a child's bed. Please take your time to look around for that special Amulet or Talismans your bound to find the one for your special needs. Please sign up for our news letter where you can learn how to dress your objects or charms