Washs and Waters

Ritual washes can be used to cleanse mind, body, and spirit. Ranging from good luck scrubs to protection, purification and holy water. The the products listed here are intended to aid you in in seeking protection, luck, or power and generally lend a helping to those areas where you need it the most.

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  • A ritual water by Mistic Products is a convenient, purpose blended ritual aid useful in all your ritual bathing & washing practices. This plastic, screw top bottle contains 8 oz of Rose Spiritual Water (Aqua Espiritual Rosas). 8 oz
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  • Kananga Water is a sweet smelling cologne commonly used to purge negative energies or just enjoy as a pleasant scent. Said to originate from Cananga odorata plant oil.
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  • A bottle of ritual water blended and charged for use in spell and ritual work connected to meditation, vision, spirituality, introspection and transformation. Sold individually. 2 oz
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  • Holy Water is water that has been blessed. It is widely popular in use in baptism, consecration and ritual, and can be used to drive away evil.
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