Smudge Kits

 Some Kits include , small cobra stand, abalone shell, feather, and smudge stick. Made in U.S.A., created with magic and intentions to clear.

Banish all negative entities, remove unwanted spirits, clear the energy to start or complete your day, or begin your ceremony.

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  • A kit containing everything you need for an altar or ritual smudging. Comes with a small cobra stand, abalone shell, feather, and 3
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  • This handy smudge kit wooden box comes complete with, 1 abalone shell, 1 carved wooden tripod to hold your abalone shell, 1 package of 1 bundled 3" California White Sage. The box has a cover that slides neatly into it's own grooves, with a window to see your smudging materials. New Age Smudges and Herbs. The kit box measures; length 6 1/2" x width 5 1/2" x depth 2 1/2".
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